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Need a network vulnerability scan and assessment? Learn about our approach to protecting your business along with a free sample vulnerability assessment report below.

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Threat Analysis

During each scan, network vulnerabilities are identified and categorized by severity. A senior security specialist analyzes the results and drafts a technical report.

Remediation Plan

A remediation plan is then drafted outlining steps that should be taken to resolve the security vulnerabilities identified during the scan.

Executive Report

The executive report is a summary of the assessment including the total number of vulnerabilities found and the priority in which they should be addressed.

What Is A Network Vulnerability Scan And Assessment?

Security Vulnerability Analysis And Scan - Purplesec
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IT Security Policy

Network vulnerability scans are only one of many layers of cyber security. That’s why we include IT security policies with every assessment.

Strategic Calls

Every network vulnerability scan includes a strategic call to review the assessment and answer your questions.

Historic Reports

Cyber threats are always evolving. Monthly and quarterly vulnerability scans provide a continuous layer of security to protect against cyber attacks.

Our Process

Unlike other cyber security companies, your project isn’t going to get put on the backburner because somebody more important comes along. We take the time to understand your needs and develop a unique plan to help protect your business.

Discovery Call

We begin every engagement with a friendly chat to better understand your company's cyber security goals.

Technical Scope

A technical analyst will be assigned to retrieve asset information and connect the hosts through a secure tunnel.

Project Deliverables

A vulnerability scan is performed by a senior security specialist and a report is delivered along with the raw scan results.

Strategic Consultation

Every security vulnerability assessment includes a strategic call to review the results and address your questions.

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Sample Network
Vulnerability Assessment Report

At PurpleSec, we take pride in delivering actionable network vulnerability assessments that can be quickly implemented to strengthen your business’s cyber security.

Sample Report

How Much Does A Vulnerability Assessment Cost?

Cyber security is already a complicated matter, which is why we make our pricing crystal clear. Every security vulnerability assessment is priced based on the number of IPs scanned. Adjust the slider to get a monthly or one-time cost estimate.

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Customer Success Story - Purplesec

Customer Success Story

Professional service organization with vulnerability management requirements including custom reporting and recommended mitigation support.

customer success story - PurpleSec

Challenges Addressed

  • Required a one-time network vulnerability scan and assessment
  • Current assessments were not seen as useful in the remediation process

Technologies Leveraged

  • Nessus

How We Delivered

  • Provided a network vulnerability assessment in 5 business days
  • Worked with client to determine information requirements for their remediation process
  • Delivered a custom report to meet client needs
  • Provided explanations as to what value the current set of reports have in a remediation process
  • Over 100 IP addresses scanned internally and externally
Network Vulnerability Scanning And Assessment Services - Purplesec

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