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What Is A Penetration Test?


Penetration testing can consist of a variety of activities designed to simulate real-world attack scenarios against a business’ IT and physical security controls.


The ultimate goal of a penetration test is to validate the vulnerabilities identified during the scanning phase, and investigate any other avenues of penetration through reconnaissance.

what is a penetration test?
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Why Do I Need A Penetration Test?


Knowing about vulnerabilities is just one step toward a secure enterprise. Penetration testing is conducted to validate not only the vulnerabilities already identified, but to evaluate the implementation of security controls and tools.


As sophisticated as security device are today, almost 90% of cyber attacks are caused by human error or behavior. Security misconfiguration can happen at any level of an application stack, and these are the targets of modern hackers.

Our Penetration Testing Services

Web Application Penetration Test - PurpleSec

Web Application Penetration Test

Conduct a test against the internet-facing web application to validate the security posture presented to the public.

Physical Penetration Testing - PurpleSec

Physical Penetration Testing

Physical penetration testing is designed to evaluate the business’ physical security controls to protect the on-premises IT environment.

Internal Penetration Services - PurpleSec

Internal Penetration Test

Enterprise testing is conducted to simulate an attacker’s presence within the internal environment. Tests conducted will validate any vulnerabilities reported by scanning.

Enterprise Penetration Testing - PurpleSec

Enterprise Penetration Testing

To truly evaluate enterprise risk, all three domains of an enterprise’s IT infrastructure needs to be evaluated. Modern attackers use combined methods of fraud, hacking, and theft to steal valuable corporate data..

Why PurpleSec?

Modern attackers face sophisticated security controls and smaller attack surfaces; this has caused a shift in the approach to attacking an enterprise. Straightforward attacks have evolved into elaborate campaigns of reconnaissance, data collection, phishing, fraud, theft, and social engineering to circumvent these advanced tools.

Discovery Call

We begin every engagement with a friendly chat to better understand your company's cyber security goals.

Technical Scope

A technical analyst will be assigned to retrieve asset information and connect the hosts through a secure tunnel.

Testing Phase

Extensive application and network penetration testing conducted. Analysts assigned as emergency stand-by and support.

Reporting Phase

Observations and recommendations collected and formatted into an executive report - including steps towards remediation.

Customer Success Story - Purplesec

Customer Success Story

Professional service organization with vulnerability management requirements including custom reporting and recommended mitigation support.

customer success story - PurpleSec

Challenges Addressed

  • Required a one-time network vulnerability scan and assessment
  • Current assessments were not seen as useful in the remediation process

Technologies Leveraged

  • Nessus

How We Delivered

  • Provided a network vulnerability assessment in 5 business days
  • Worked with client to determine information requirements for their remediation process
  • Delivered a custom report to meet client needs
  • Provided explanations as to what value the current set of reports have in a remediation process
  • Over 100 IP addresses scanned internally and externally
Penetration Testing Services - PurpleSec

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